Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Stinkpot!

So Presley doesn't like her hair to be done, hence the name "stinkpot." She will finally let me put it in a ponytail...sometimes. It looks so cute with a little bow! I was trying to take a picture of her with her cute pony but she was being a little "stinkpot." But still so cute!
Finally looking at the camera but can't see the cute pony! I know, I know, she is a little too old for the "fire" but what's a mom gonna do!

Quincey's 5th Birthday Party

We took Quincey and her friends to see Madagascar 2 for her birthday. They had a great time! We brought capri suns and then bought popcorn for all to share! Thanks mom, Barry, Joanna, and Andrea for your help!
The birthday girl with a couple of her girlfriends...Sydney and Sydney!

Quincey getting ready to blow out her candles!

Makin' a Cake

The girls helped me make a cake for Quincey's birthday party. They always like to help me in the kitchen...especially lick the bowl and beaters...who doesn't?
Say "yes" to licking the beater!

Grandma and Quincey's Family Birthday Party

The Birthday Girls! We always have a family birthday party for the birthday people. Quincey and my mom share the month of November so we recently had theirs at my house. We had a yummy dinner and they both enjoyed their new presents! Such a cute picture!
A couple of her new gifts...I love her missing tooth smile!

Quincey is way into Bratz this year. I found these sheets and knew she would be so excited. At Sears, they have a Bratz comforter. I am debating on whether to get it or not. That would mean she would now have a Strawberry Shortcake comforter, a cat one, and a flowery one. I've got problems...

Grandma and her girls. Presley has discovered sticking out her tongue at people can get a reaction and now, at the camera, seems to be even funnier!

My aunt Cathy, my brother Greg, and soon to be wifey and sister in law, Sara.

Quincey and Grandma blowing out their candles on their birthday cake. I didn't realize I didn't have any candles but I did have a 2 and 3 which equal 5 so that is what we did. Grandma didn't mind that her age wasn't displayed on the cake!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Halloween 2008

For the past few years, I have had a Chili party on Halloween. The usual crowd is my mom, my aunt, my cousin, the Emersons, and the Startups. It has been a really nice tradition. We eat chili and then the kids go trick or treating. Growing up my aunt and mom would have a spaghetti dinner and grandma and grandpa would come over to see us, the grandkids, in our costumes. I kept the tradition going but changed the menu! So here is our bunch, the Coles kids, the Emerson kids, the Startup kids, and a couple Startup friends.
Right before our party, almost Dora, spooky Spiderella, Wolverine, Spiderman, and Spider Witch the 3rd, posed for a picture. Presley would not wear her costume but would wear Backpack so she was nice enough to pose half dressed! Kami is Spider Witch the 3rd because Quincey wore this costume and so did Presley! So cute!

Spiderella, you are so scary...Quincey picked this costume out herself. I was kind of excited that she chose something so spooooooky!

Oh Dora, you are so cute. We finally were able to get her to wear her costume so she could go trick or treating but she wouldn't get close to the wig...just like her dad!

Our Spiderella witch and Dora without her sidekick Backpack...

BFF's Forever...Quincey, Timaree, and Trevor

The good bitch, oh oh oh, I mean the good witch. My bad...:) Love you Jo Jo...

Happy Halloween!

Legoland with Cousin Dylan and Cousin Jaxson

Can you see us?? Nick, Jeannette, and the boys visited us from Tennessee right before Halloween. We drove down to Legoland on a great day. The kids had a great time and it was nice because it wasn't crowded at all. Thanks for hanging with us guys!
Aunt Jeannette and Dylan riding in their jeep...

Uncle Nick and the boys...

Daddy and Quincey in the zebra jeep!

Our fifth time going around and around and around on the airplanes...Presley threw up later that night...hmmm...i wonder why!

Presley and Jaxson with matching "fiers"

Quincey and Dylan had a great time playing together. The didn't fight once!