Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quincey is a Softball Playa!

Quincey is #8 just like her mama! Their team name was Softball Shorties.
At the tee...she was a pretty good hitter. By the end of the season, the girls were hitting without the tee. Quincey would usually get a hit after the third pitch!

Quincey and her BFF Jaidynn.

She had a great year. It was really fun watching her play softball and really like it. Next year, she will play without the tee and with an actual pitcher. We will see how that goes! While she was playing the field, she would talk to anyone who was on base. Ms. Social!

Presley's Valentine's Day at School

Too cute! Presley was really excited for her first Valentine's Day party at preschool. She was so excited to make the cards for all her friends at school.
Look what she made to put all her Valentine cards in!
Snack time with her favorite sugar cookies.

So stylish!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Christmas in Mid January

This year was the in laws year, so we celebrated with my family in the middle of January. You ask why so late? It's because of this gorgeous lady below! She works on the weekends so we had to find a Sunday where she would be available to celebrate with us.
Apparently the markers were a big hit with the girls!
The cute and adorable and lovable Doud family.
Sheesh...always looking through my purse. Get your own!
The cutest Doud...Betsey
The girls among the mess of presents.

Daddy and Presley

Taylor in shock about something...kind of spooky if you ask me.

Our matriarch...with her new grandbaby Betsey

Merry Christmas to you all!

Princess and the Frog

Misty's mom's club was going to the premiere of Princess and the Frog at the Disney Studios in Burbank so the girls and I tagged along. While we were waiting to get inside the theatre, Mickey was dying to take a picture with all of us!
After the movie, we were able to go and meet all of the princesses...including the newest one, Princess Tiana.
Timaree and Quincey meeting Sleeping Beauty...

In line for Princess Tiana...
Quincey asking Ariel where she can find that shell bra of hers...
Next stop...Cinderella. Presley wouldn't take any pictures with the princesses unless I was in them. So...no pictures of Pres...only with Tiana.
I like this one a lot!
The only princesses we didn't stop to take a picture with were Snow White, Pocahontas, and Mulan. Quincey was not happy...seriously...I was princessed out! Plus I got two of my own!! I know...hilarious...