Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quincey is a Softball Playa!

Quincey is #8 just like her mama! Their team name was Softball Shorties.
At the tee...she was a pretty good hitter. By the end of the season, the girls were hitting without the tee. Quincey would usually get a hit after the third pitch!

Quincey and her BFF Jaidynn.

She had a great year. It was really fun watching her play softball and really like it. Next year, she will play without the tee and with an actual pitcher. We will see how that goes! While she was playing the field, she would talk to anyone who was on base. Ms. Social!


Jen said...

Fun! I tried to make Liam play baseball one year and he hated it. I guess we all have our sport. Well, not ALL of us. I certainly don't have a sport, unless you count watching TV. Your girls are just so dang cute!!

maren said...

Thanks so much Jen! It helped that Quincey's best friend was on the team too. When are you guys going to come and see us? Hopefully soon! how are you guys and your new house?

The Huefner Clan said...

Maren, I had no clue you had a baby!!!!! I am so excited for you and your family. He is DARLING! I love his dimples. Congrats to you all. Hope you're doing well. (I actually just had baby #4 last week, they can be buddies, if we ever saw each other:).