Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quincey's Jog-A-Thon

Getting ready for the run! Quincey's school has an annual jog a thon where the students get sponsors before they run. Whoever gets $30 in sponsors, got a t-shirt. The jog was for 8 minutes around a little track.
I love this picture...Jaidynn, Quincey, and Miraud

Getting ready for her run...her principal is prepping the kids.
Dancing a little before...

Woo Hoo! Look how fast they can run!

Run Quincey Run!

Quincey and her friend Jaidynn after the run.
The principal telling them to give themselves a round of applause.
It was kind of a hot day...okay, real hot!
Way to go Quincey! Great job running!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quake's Game with Some Great Friends

Our good friends, the Morse's, were headed to the Quakes game so we decided to join them. Wednesday nights are $1 hot dog night!

Having fun!
Presley, Quincey, and Ethan
Stacey and Ethan
Barry, Maren, and Sean
Cotton candy time...good thing we have a few dentists in the family!

Quincey and Blake were asked by these two Quakes girls if they wanted to dance on the dugouts to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame!"
Good job guys!

It was a fun and relaxing night! Thanks Morse's for the great time and great company!

Quincey's First Day of School

Here is Quincey on first day of school! She was so excited; not one tear was shed! I didn't cry because she was so excited and not scared.

Good job taking the picture Presley! Quincey is in afternoon kindergarten which starts as nice!
My little girl getting so big!
Walking into her classroom following her now friend, Jaidynn! crying!

She was excited to take Quincey to school...she kept saying how she was going to start preschool soon!
Looking ready to start her first day of kinder!
Her teacher, Mrs. Esquibel, gave the kids her business card and then the kids had to give it to their parents and kiss us good bye! Quincey quickly gave it to me, gave me a kiss, and was on her way back to the rug. She was so excited! I believe I had to remind her to kiss me!
Quincey and her class. Since this was a couple months ago, her friends at school now are Jaidynn, Brooklyn, Evelyn, Leilani, and Rachel.

Fourth of July in Balboa

I know...I am pretty pathetic that I am just now blogging the 4th! Pretty normal for me to be behind!
So, once again, we mooched off Kevin's sister, Lori, and spent the holiday in Balboa with the Emersons and the Eversons!
The beach we hung out at is right by Lori's peaceful and not crowded!

This poor girl had a mean floatie sunburn...she was sunburn on all her arm except where the floatie was! Her father was in charge of sunscreen...
Quincey, Trevor, and Garrett taking a break from the sun and water.
Our family!
Had to get a picture of who we have been mooching off for the last couple years! There is Lori, Andy, and Kevin. Lori is Kevin's sister and she and her husband are always so gracious in letting our family hang out with them on the 4th!
Daddy and Presley

Dad and Quincey...apparently I am the only one who knows how to use the camera! I did the same thing with the girls but no picture! Oh well...maybe next time, right hun!?

During the boat parade...
Is this foreshadowing of their future life together?

All showered up after a great day at the beach...and dressed very patriotic!
The girly girls!

Trevor sportin' his dad's photographic mishap!
Barry, Aunt Lori, Kevin, Joanna, Linda, and Uncle Andy.
Not a big fan of me in this picture but I loved the loveness it shows of Quincey and I! She is usually loving on her dad like this so I had to get a shot of her with me!

Our annual 4th of July picture!
Cute kiddos!

Aunt Lori gave all the kids a big lollipop that they all pretty much ate up! The evidence was stained blue on their faces!
Joanna's mom, Linda, grandmothering!
Quincey was already asleep before the fireworks show and Presley fell asleep like 2 seconds after it started. Apparently they are not feeling the fireworks show!

We always have a great time on 4th of July with the Emersons! Thanks to them and Aunt Lori and Uncle Andy for letting us mooch off of them!