Thursday, April 30, 2009

Totally Blog Worthy McDonald' the playplace...Presley played with Elvis...Elvis meet Presley...Presley meet too shall now fall in love...sorry... no picture of Elvis Presley together...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Arizona Trip...Bachelorette Style

The girls and I on our way to Arizona! Barry was going to be out of town and Quincey was on spring break so we decided to hit the road! The girls were awesome travelers...they watched movies, slept, apparantly put stickers all over their faces, counted how many butterflies we smashed on the highway, among other things. It was a good time had by all!We're here Mary!
That night Stacy and her girls met up with Mary, myself, and my girls. Stacy, Mary, and myself were roommates in Provo with Stephanie. We missed you Steph!


Quincey, Alexa, Presley, and a yummy french fry.

Mary, McKenna, Stacy, and Giselle

Watching a movie in the playroom.

This is Mary's awesome dog Chloe. She's still a baby! She has one brown eye and one blue eye. Very nice dog.

Next stop...cousin Maila's house. The girls were so excited to be here. When we got there, we walked to Jaden's school to pick him up.

I bought these princess press on nails that the girls couldn't wait to put on and then couldn't wait to take them off less than a minute after they put them on! Sheesh!

My little peanut playing by herself. Poor thing...that night she developed croup and couldn't breathe. She would pace and just say, "mommy, I can't breathe." It was terrible. I called Mary, who is a nurse, and asked her what to do. Figures, the night I am having these problems I wouldn't still be at nurse Mary's home! So at midnight I took her to the ER where they diagnosed her with mild to moderate croup. She was a trooper through the chest x-ray and by just laying there on the hospital bed with me. They gave her a steroid and said she would be better by about 8 in the morning. We went back to Ursula and Dustins about 3 am. By morning, she was breathing a lot better. Very scary but so grateful for the nice staff at the ER.

Next stop...Addy's house! Quincey was so excited to see Addy and to stay at her house! The kids had a great time playing with each other!
Maren D. C. and Maren C. D. Maren and I always have a great time together. It was so fun to just hang out and talk and of course, shop together. Maren is such a great friend and mom!

Right before movie night...Quincey was able to take a minute and strike a pose. Umm...kind of looks like a gang sign...don't worry it's's a C for Coles!

The girly girls during movie night watching Bolt.

Maren and her boys...Austin and Tyler. Such cute boys!

Quincey and Presley at an outside mall playground.

Addy and Quincey and a random little girl!

Miss Quince having fun.

Miss Priss in her new little dress...all she wears these days are dresses!

Sunday after church, right before we left...we sure are going to miss this family! We had such a fun time together.

Last stop...revisit to Mary's house! We were supposed to leave Sunday but the girls and I decided to stay a couple more days so we could hang out more with Mary, Stacy, and her girls. Thank goodness Presley was finally feeling better!

Here are Presley and McKenna doing laps in Mary's hallway. They became such great friends. Presley looking at her pretty self after getting makeup advice from the MAC expert Mary!

Mary was very sweet to lend out her eye shadow and brushes to an almost 3 year old!

The new look: eye shadow on the forehead!

We've got SASS, yes we do; we've got SASS; how 'bout you?

The girls and I had such a great time with all of our friends and family. Thanks to you all for being so hospitable and FUN! Love you guys!