Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Day at California Adventure

The week after our rainy day adventure at Disneyland, we met Barry's good friend Aaron and his family at CA Adventure. It was such a nice day. Cute pic guys...keep your eyes on the rink! This is Aaron...very much Aaron...and his cute daughter Aeva. Our families always have a good time together.
Presley was so excited she was finally tall enough to ride the bumper cars...well her pony tail was tall enough!

Having fun on King Triton's Merry Go Round. This was our first time on it.

Getting ready to go really high on the box ride! She loves this ride! Wheeeee!!

Disneyland in the Rain

Barry's brother Dustin and his wife Ursula, and their two kids, Maila and Jaden, came down to see us a few weeks ago to celebrate Maila's 5th birthday. To celebrate, she wanted to go to Disneyland! Quincey and Maila are the best of friends...too bad they live in Arizona! We always have a great time with Dustin and Ursula. Barry and Dustin with all the kiddos!

Presley took an immediate liking for her Uncle Dustin!

Waiting to go into ride Roger Rabbit...the girls really like this ride. So does everyone else it seems...it is always crowded!

A couple Kodak moments in the rain!

The girls are two peas in a pod! They didn't seem to mind the rain too much...it was too much fun using such cute umbrellas!

Remember my little stinkpot? Well, here she is! She knew I was trying to take a picture of her so she kept covering herself with her umbrella...I finally had to come down to her level and snap one! Got you stinker!!

Quincey and Maila got their faces painted with WATER SOLUBLE paint! They did a good job keeping their faces dry though...it lasted the rest of the evening. We actually left right after they had this done. Thanks Uncle Dustin for my painted face!

We are done! We were all soaked...our feet were drenched; our pants were drenched...not fun. I tried to keep Presley as dry as possible and Ursula held the umbrella over us! Good thing Urs and Dustin went early because by the time we got there in the afternoon it was pouring. Amazingly enough, it was still pretty crowded. We were able to go on a few rides so that was good!

Picnic at Home

When daddy is traveling, we like to have lots of picnics in the family room while watching a movie. The girls love these little TV trays...Barry and I received those as a wedding gift. Having a picnic makes dinnertime exciting...they will actually eat more!
When daddy IS home, the girls want to sit right by him during dinner. Look at mom's lonely little plate on the right there...Quincey has to sit by me by default!

Comedy Hour

Joanna and I swapped date nights...they watched our kids one night and we watched theirs another. It worked out great. While the kids were eating dinner, they were cracking some amazingly funny (to them at least) jokes! Barry and I were very much entertained...Great kids!
After dinner the kids enjoyed a great game of Ring Around the Rosey...it got a little rough but no one seemed to be bothered by it!