Monday, October 27, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

Jeannette tagged me awhile ago so here it goes...


8 TV Shows I Love to Watch

1. Brothers and Sisters
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. Lipstick Jungle
4. Gangland
5. The Soup
6. Grey's Anatomy
7. American Idol
8. Paula's Home Cooking

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To...

1. Quincey's 5th Birthday
2. Girls dressed up for Halloween...Quincey as Spiderella and Presley as Dora
3. My house to be clean
4. Friday when Barry gets home...he hasn't even left yet!
5. Joanna getting home from work...I hate Mondays!
6. To get cold here
7. Thanksgiving with Barry's family in Park City
8. My brother's wedding in December to Sara!!

8 Things on my Wish List

1. To get pregnant again...and for it to be successful...
2. Trip to NYC
3. For my mom's wrist to back to new again
4. Another girls trip to Vegas
5. Good health always
6. To win the lottery...if we only played...
7. Fewer cars to be parked in front of the Emerson's
8. Date Night

8 Things That Happened to Me Yesterday

1. Got the flu...thanks Nick and Jeannette!
2. Jeannette, Nick, and family went home; we miss was a lot of fun!
3. Slept
4 Watched TV
5. Slept
6. Watched TV
7. was waited on by Barry
8. My girls came in often to check on me

8 Favorite Places to Eat

1. Benihana
2. Del Taco
3. Red Robin
4. Mexican Cafe
5. Rosa Maria's
6. Tom's Tacos
7. Chick Fil A
8. In N Out

8 People I Tag

1. Joanna
2. Stephanie
3. Jessica
4. Katrina
5. Kamee
6. Jen
7. Kathy
8. Deanne

Las Vegas with My Girls

My pictures are out of order...

Chantal and I after a long day of shopping. We all had such a great time!
We met Mary's sisters and husbands at the Rio Buffet for dinner.

Right before our massages! Thanks for taking the picture Chantal!

Since Barry travels quite a bit to Vegas, he recommended a restaurant called Nove inside the Palms Hotel. It is great Italian food. It is right below the Playboy lounge. When we were done with dinner, the manager asked us if we would like to go up to the Mary would say! I can't post any pictures...they are too scandalous! :)

Chantal, myself, Mary, and Stacy had a great time in Vegas. We ate, shopped, got massages, saw the "O" show, and just had a great time. Chantal, Stacy, and I were college roommates at the same time, and then Mary, Stacy, and myself were roommates after Chantal got married. This is a picture of us inside the lobby of the Venetian where we stayed!

Quincey Lost Her First Tooth!

Good thing Uncle Nick was in town! He is an oral surgery resident so he has lots of experience pullling teeth. Quincey had a loose tooth and this particular day was bugging it so it became looser so I put Nick in charge! Yay for Uncle Nick!
Quincey made a little squeak while Uncle Nick was getting the tooth out. She is so brave!

Her tooth is out!!

Smiling with her new smile with her cousin Dylan!