Monday, September 29, 2008

Not So Big Shoes to Fill

Looking good in mama's shoes Quince! I love when she walks around in my shoes...i remember those days, coming home from church and putting my mom's heels on. I would purposely walk on the kitchen floor so I could hear the clanking of the heels. Apparantly I am not so impressed with the clanking anymore since I wore flats to church that day!

Angel the Cat

This is Angel the Cat. We have had Angel for 5 years...technically our first child! He has been a great cat. He is very social and pretty easygoing except for his indecisiveness behavior at times...and his LOUD meeowwww...i am not kidding sara!! He is 11 years old and makes lots of friends with other cats in the that weird to blog about your cat?
Quincey is a fan of Angel. She pays attention to him most of the time...she doesn't really like it when he is on her bed with her. He can be on it during the day, but she would prefer if he was off of it at night! She watches out for him when other kids are around. She makes sure he is not being bullied!

Presley likes Angel the Cat. She is very protective of him. She stresses out if we go inside and leave Angel outside. She tries to coax him in the house...doesn't work too well. She gets totally offended if he doesn't follow her also. She is very soft with him, as she is with all animals. Yeah...she's naked in the is how we roll in the there...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Princesses on Brant Court

Kamryn came over for a little while this morning to play with the girls. They had so much fun. Quincey was either the teacher or the mother. The girls actually listened to come they are so obedient for an almost five year old? She told them to sit down and they sat right on Dora!

Bono, is that you?

This was before our morning walk. Presley needs to be fully accessorized before we go anywhere. She will actually wear these glasses for a long time. What a cutie pie!

Quincey's First Soccer Game

All ready for her pictures and her first game!
There she goes. Quincey actually scored two goals. I was so proud of her! Barry was bummed he wasn't there...he was out of town or something! :)

Here is Quincey's soccer team...the Madrid Purple Angels. How adorable are they! I was in charge of the banner so Quincey was way excited to show it to her playmates.

Has Anyone Seen My Lipstick?

Ummm chance do you have my lipstick in your control? By the way, nice mustache sweetheart!