Friday, May 1, 2009

Hanging out with G & G in Carlsbad

Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dan drove down with their friends, Kim and Brent, to Carlsbad for a week. We drove down there to visit with them and to visit 2 hot spots...the beach and Legoland.
Sue and Dan had access to the local beach so we headed down there for a little bonfire to roast some marshmallows.

Let's move!

Not afraid of the all!

Staying warm with Grandma Sue.

Hanging out at our little bonfire.
"I not cold mommy...I like cold!"

After our little bonfire and water excursion, Quincey and Presley enjoyed a little tub time in the antiquey tub.

The next morning...ready for Legoland!

Waiting to get in Legoland...thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Waiting in line with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Dan.
A girl and her daddy.

Quincey loved this ride...I put this picture out of order but you had to pull yourself up with a rope and when you got to the top, you let go and you slide back down.

Riding in the yellow car...

Presley was finally, well sort of, old enough to ride the cars at Legoland. You had to be 3...we said a little white lie. Quincey told us we were just pretending...not a lie, it's a pretend!
Presley will only wear dresses these compromise in the cold, I had her wear brown pants with her dress!

Grandma Sue and Quincey going around and around on the girls favorite ride...don't know what it's's an airplane that goes around and get it...

My turn with the girls.

That night we went back to the beach. It was so cold but that didn't stop the girls. Presley actually fell in so I had to take her clothes off because she wouldn't leave them on wet and went back out into the water in her panties! Crazy girl...

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's House

Ready to start the annual Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma's house. Presley is making sure she gets a hard start before Uncle Greg by pinning him to the chair!
I was the photographer as Barry was the video cameraman!

Searching for eggs...
Hurrying so she could get the most eggs in her bucket!

Aunt Sara ready for the egg hunt...she hasn't realized the girls are already filling their buckets up!


Look how many I found! Always the winner!

Look how many eggs I found!
The girls love Grandma and her Chocolate Egg Hunt around her house!

Time to dye Easter eggs...Presley's tye dye dress is definitely appropriate for the occasion.

Aunt Sara came out to check on the festivities.

As well as Grandma...eggcelent dying of the eggs girls!

Easter Morning

I believe the Easter bunny came to our house!
Coming to see what the Easter bunny brought to the girls!Yay!!! Little Pet Shop Pets. They like the Easter Bunny!

Can you spot the silly one?

How about this one?

Cute picture girls.

Ahhhhh-choooo! Family trait...the minute Barry gets into bright sunlight, he sneezes. Quincey has inherited the same trait!
Our annual Easter family picture. I am in my uniform...same white skirt with a spring shirt of some sort.

Happy Easter!

Cutest kids on the cul-de-sac!

I love this picture.

Time for church to celebrate the real meaning of Easter!