Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vegas with the BF's

On our way to Vegas with the Emersons. We always have a great time together. Every spring time we normally vacation together with another couple (we missed you Misty and Mark) but it was just us this time. We laid out by the pool, shopped, ate great food, and had great company.
There's Jo Jo!
Mr. Cool at the wheel.

Kevin could not drive fast enough to get to Jimmy Johns! It was good...
He almost got a little upset because when we got there, they were out of the white rolls...the best part of the sandwich...but good thing a delivery of the rolls was a minute away.
So...we got to our rooms and Barry says that he is going to play a joke on Joanna and Kevin with his bathrobe...right as he left, Joanna and Kevin were right there with the same joke planned. Don't ask what the joke was! Ha!

The view of our laying out spot at the pool. The pool was on, I think, the seventh floor. It was way windy our first two days but still warm and really nice.

I thought this picture was pretty cool!
Since Barry knew a lot about the restaurants in Vegas, he picked the two we dined we are at Japanaise in the Mirage. Really good sushi.
Ready to head out on our last night in Vegas...
Our neighbors at home and in Vegas...
This was my second time eating here at Nove...such good Italian food.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun Times in Lake Havasu

On our way to Lake Havasu...had to capture the exciting moments on the road!

What a packed car...

This picture is out of order but I left it here anyway. This is our trailer. The girls loved it. We rented it for 3 nights. It was so worth the money. Presley's bed pushed up is a couch and Quincey's is a table. It was so comfortable. The queen bed was on the other side of the trailer. Quincey cried as the rental place took it away on our last day! That's how much it was loved.

Just getting to our campsite. The girls had a blast just exploring the grounds.
Our first evening in Lake Havasu. Quincey and Presley had a great time playing in the sand.
Mr. WaterSkier

Presley and Kami...T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

Kami loves Quincey and Quincey loves taking care of Kami!
Having fun with daddy in the water...for about 30 seconds!
Barry and Quincey

My girl Kami and me!

Hanging out at the London Bridge getting ready for our yummy snow cones.

Now enjoying our snow cones and diet coke!
My big girl!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Palm Springs with the Girls

In April, my awesome sister in law, Sara, planned a getaway for the five of us to Palm Springs. Sara was the only one who knew all of us! The rest of us got to know each other on this trip! We had a great time just relaxing by the pool, eating good food, and finishing off our evenings with a little cold stone and golden spoon! Thanks Sara, Jackie, Lindsey, and Kellie! See you next April at the Horizon Hotel!
Our last night together...Sara, Jackie, Lindsey, Kellie, and myself.

Sara and me!